Stubbs Associates

  • Career and Life Coaching for results
  • Technology training & Consulting
  • Photography, Video and Media Projects

Bio of Wendy Stubbs

Educator since 1977

BAE in English and physical education from Wayne State College, Dec. 1977

MA in Counseling Psychology from USD, May 2006

6 years experience as Career Counelor at USD

Career and Life Coach since 2007

Ed.S. in Technology for Training and Development from USD, May 2007

My Mission

My mission is to train and coach people in topics they find puzzling.

My Values

Integrity, respect, empathy and affordability are values I believe in deeply. People definitely have the ability to learn and find answers if you believe in them and give them hope.

My Passion

Seeing people setting goals and achieving them. Encouraging hope in people. Watching people grow through self-fulfillment. Seeing the lightbulb go off on people as they learn something new.

My Skills

Coaching, training, teaching, analysis, design and future planning. More importantly, I try and give people hope!