Stubbs Associates

  • Career and Life Coaching for results
  • Technology Training and Consulting
  • Photography, Video and Media Projects


I work with clients from all across the age, abilities and educational spectrum. From newly graduated attorneys, high school students searching for colleges to 40 somethings going through a life transition. Elderly people who have bought their first smartphone might contact me for assistance as well as friends who want that special video for a family member. Here are some comments clients have told me. Initials were used to hide the identity of my clients as confidentiality is important.

CC a job seeker

“"You were very quick to send me my resume and cover letter sample! This should help me in my job hunting as I was unaware how I was underselling myself in this job search process. I have learned how much work job searching takes now. Thank you."”

IA a career changer

“"Your ideas and professionalism were just what I needed to obtain that new career - it was a bit scary to start a new chapter, but you helped me gain confidence and learn how to approch this process. My family will be happier because I have made this career change."”

LL a military mom

“"Our family truly enjoyed the video show you put together for my Army son as he was coming home! The picures and music seemed to fit so well togteher. This is an item we still look at occassionally. Thank you so much!"”

JH from Sioux Falls

“"Wendy saved me $120.00 a month in teaching me how to update my own website. My media company was not doing much work for this fee! Thank you Wendy for advising me and saving me money!"”